TNM’s mission is to enhance and improve the infraestructure sector by utilizing technology transfer, highest quality standards, and excellent client service, while protecting the environment and developing our people.


TNM’s approach is implementing an interdisciplinary strategy, focused on 4 main pillars:

  • Engineering:        Data driven analysis.
  • Economics:           Impact.
  • Technology:          Business enabler.
  • Management:       Connecting the dots.

By combining all 4, TNM has been able to stay a head of the curve, providing comprehensive solutions to complex problems.


TNM’s Project Life Cycle Management is comprised of 6 stages as follows:

  1. TNM 360_shadowSConcept: we help governments, public organizations and private firms to convert ideas into real concepts. These include FIDIC, PPP, BOT, DBOMT, PFI.
  2. Feasibility Study: together with our Client, we evaluate whether the project will provide the expected value in relation to the required investment.
  3. Design: our experienced team is unbeatable in terms of professionalism and value.
  4. Financing: we provide advise on project financing.
  5. Execution: we have real ground-level expertise in Supervision, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. We have developed our own methodologies and technology, geared towards increased efficiency.
  6. Operation&Maintenance: we have experience and have implemented O&M in many types of infrastructure projects, including FIDIC, PPP, BOT, DBOMT, OPRC, and PFI. We also implement and deploy cutting edge and proven technologies for assessing and allocating budgets.