TNM, as part of its organizational structure, has a dedicated Bidding Center.

The Bidding centre team is multilingual and has extensive international experience in managing the whole process of preparation of proposals and tenders. The Centre prepares all of TNM’s tenders, public and private, both local to its permanent branches and to international tenders (including those of government and International Financial Institutions such as the World Bank and the InterAmerican Development Bank). Its distinct advantage is based on accumulated knowledge of procedures, formats and requirements of large international tenders and various tendering processes. The Centre has the capacity, professional staff and expertise to rapidly analyze all types of RFPs, EOIs, and RFQs and is able to maximize winning probabilities based on the specific evaluation criteria of each tender. TNM Bidding Centre also offers its services and expertise to third parties, for which it implements its advantages in being able to identify strong and weak points in tenders, tailoring them to the best possible results in terms of personnel, methodology, work plan and specific requirements.