3200x560_Copy of AC 13 con Av Caracas_02 (1)TNM is a market leader, with vast and wide-ranging experience in transport infrastructure.

TNM is capable of providing a full life-cycle support to projects from conceptualization, to feasibility study, then detailed design, financing, execution, operation and maintenance for: roads, bridges, ports and railways.

Additionally TNM initiates and manages private financing initiatives (even build operate transfer projects)and implements public-private partnerships, always using the up to date technology, advanced procedures and thelatest management systems.

TNM has combined economics, engineering, technology, tendering, construction, operation and maintenance disciplines to successfully implement transport projects all over the world.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Roads
  • Public transit (such as BRT – Bus Rapid Transit)
  • Road safety
  • Ports
  • Rails
  • Airports
  • Tunneling
  • Bridges.


3200x560_64A MALABO (187)TNM is aware of the need to manage water and wastewater in a sustainable manner and has access to cost-effective strategies and technical innovations in order to reduce high costs for Governments and private companys.

As a result, TNM helps companies to increase their productivity by developing public-private partnerships ranging from Operation and Maintenance (O&M) to total Asset Management. When a private company decides to go for Total Asset Management it will take all risk, be responsible for project administration (and be “rewarded” accordingly).

TNM’s  of experts includes:

  • Drainage experts
  • Hydraulic specialists
  • Hydrological expert
  • Natural resource economists
  • Wastewater management specialists.

TNM group of experts provides integrated water and wastewater engineering and construction services ranging from pre-feasibility studies, crossing over assessment, planning, design, construction, and supervision.

Working closely with clients TNM gives solutions in drainage, pipelines, wastewater treatment, dams and any other related areas of this market  with enviromentally efficient practices.


Life cycle of products in line with local, national and regional development must be properly managed to minimize impact. TNM is providing superior solutions for environmental issues in the private and public sectors promoting sustainability and responsible business practices. TNM is committed to the environment and aims to incorporate efficient methodologies, ensure lowest carbon footprint, and comply with latest regulations and constant research for new technologies to promote environmentally friendly materials.

TNM brings to the table, vast experience both in consulting and implementation of various environmental issues, including:

  • Baseline of the physical, biological, social, cultural and economic aspects of a project
  • Characterization of labor force
  • Identification of issues/risks and present proper mitigation options
  • Best practices in health and safety
  • Engineering and construction solutions for the various challenges in market, such as Solid Waste Management and other urgent environmental problems


3200x560_1920x1080_Copy of הרכבת5 קורות ראשונות - תמונה 5Building is a multi-disciplinary challenge, comprising: urbanism, economics, environment, complex systems and  advanced materials. The key to success is proper planning, carrying out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, preparing detailed designs for efficient construction and  quality control supervision. Compliance and adherence to Smart Building codes can further increase the complexity of building projects.

The Client and Contractor should be constantly liasing to meet engineering requirements, budget in a constrained economic environment and provide best value for money, sustainable quality and environmentally friendly  designs.


3200x560_2850856299_d1908b5ed3_oIT is widely considered as the key driver for streamlining processes, maintaining control and efficiency via unfettered access to information. Systems based on databases, GIS, combined with BigData and cloud platforms provide unparalleled access to information, transforming the way government assets and projects are being managed.

TNM is at the forefront of such transformations. The company provides software development services and products ajusted to the Client’s needs. TNM combines practical experience in engineering, economics, document management, GIS, quality management with knowledge and experience in  deployment techniques.


3200x560_Copy of 2B_Cali(escoger)TNM offers its services in structuring, planning and designing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to ensure infrastructure and public services function more efficiently and interactively with the population while connecting them and promoting a sustainable environment.

TNM plays an  active role in the Smart Cities market, leveraging Quality Control, Economics and GIS to bring the most efficient way to manage large scale  public assets.


3200x560_3647367031_203bee43a6_oMining companies face harsh technical challenges to maintain a sustainable environment footprint during work. Issues such as safety, contamination, community and supply chain will affect most mining operations.

TNM’s knowledge is being applied in the mining sector in quality assurance and control, project management, integrating sustainable practices and minimizing the environmental and the social impact on surrounding communities.

Regulatory Compliance

3200x560_2588362220_b4d9b57622_oR & C forms an integral part of a project lifecycle and business at large. Companies and government agencies are subjected to ever-increasing sets of laws and regulations,  from strict environmental codes and best practices (ISO) to restrictive Acts ( EU Landfill Act).

Success depends on the ongoing process of audit programs, updating and implementing the latests directives to meet requirements of new laws. TNM follows this approach putting the organization ahead of the curve, reducing penalties and future implementation costs.


3200x560_6903037213_0997913949_oGovernments and private enterprises understand that climate change may bring on energy projects, however, the demand for sustainable energy solutions is rising every day. Most countries and private organizations are devising energy strategy road maps, which include portfolio diversification of sources and methodologies to adhere to such challenges.

TNM has stepped up to this challenge with its range of experts of diverse knowledge in energy, environment, innovation, design, project management and finance. The group provides services to the energy sector, such as oil and gas, and is focused on establishing renewable energy solutions.