Kishon Port Rehabilitation

767x618_Port_of_Haifa_viewed_from_the_sea 2
767x618_Port_of_Haifa_viewed_from_the_sea 2

Project Details:

Country: Israel
Client: Haifa Port Company
Services: Engineering  
Markets: Ports  
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Project Description:

In the course of this project the Kishon Port (one of the 4 ports comprising the Haifa Port complex) was rehabilitated, including the following elements: rehabilitating operating areas including earthworks and construction; rehabilitating the road network; dismantling railways along the port and replacing them with new infrastructure including rubber passes; new sewage construction; new rainfall drainage; telephone, electricity and communications infrastructure; earthworks, foundation, and iron elements with aluminum coverings at the Kishon Gate, and guard posts for security and freight examiners.

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