Urban Pavement and Bridge Management System for El Salvador

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767x618_Copy of pantalla ppal urbanas

Project Details:

Country: El Salvador
Client: InterAmerican Development Bank
Services: Economics  
Markets: IT  
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Project Description:

This Urban Pavement and Bridge Management System for 11 cities in El Salvador (including the capital, San Salvador) is a follow-up project on the existing Asset Management System for the interurban network of El Salvador. This project incorporated all the elements of the existing El Salvador AMS with some important additions, including:  calibration of the vehicle operating costs and speed models to an urban environment, different types of target functions for optimising costs and benefits, different types of road and routine maintenance treatments, additional routine maintenance items such as traffic lights. The project included detailed data collection, integration of data collection in a GIS map of the relevant cities, economic and engineering evaluation, prioritisation and optimisation under several types of constraints.

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