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Asset Management System for El Salvador

Country: El Salvador

Client: InterAmerican Development Bank

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2001-2003

This Asset Management System for the interurban network of El Salvador was a large scale multi-disciplinary project, which included detailed data collection of both the road data and the road furniture data, on the entire paved and unpaved road network of El Salvador (about 5,000 kilometres). It included many kinds of possible treatments evaluated, such as preventive maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, white-topping; calibration of deterioration curves and vehicle operating costs, economic evaluation and optimisation using 3 types of target functions, and integration of all of the above in both client-server and standalone software, using a variety of software tools. Data collection included video, GPS, Psion handheld software, data entry in complex database structures, training of the relevant users, assisting in solving user problems, and more.