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 “Eucalyptus” neighborhood – Beit She’an

Country: Israel

Client: The Ministry of Construction and Housing

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2017 - 2019

A residential neighborhood in Beit She’an that will include about 290 housing units and ancillary municipal services needed by it and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project includes about 300 housing units in a diverse mix that includes the construction of single-family residential buildings for self-construction, serial buildings, ground-level buildings for concentrated construction, cottages and semi-saturated construction combined with commerce. The area of the site is about 275 dunams.

The project was carried out while preserving the existing eucalyptus grove as a green volume that will serve as a municipal park for the entire city and in the area of the plan there is a green system that will include parks and gardens, pedestrian paths and boardwalks.