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Quality Assurance of the Acre-Carmiel Railway Project

Country: Israel

Client: Israel Lanes Company (formerly Public Works Department)

Year: 2012-(ongoing)

This project’s essence was the performance of quality assurance activities on a railway project between Acre and Karmiel, comprising 4 sections, each with its own activities, as detailed below:
Laying infrastructure for a double track section between Naaman (split off from the Coastal Railway) to a point westwards of Yassif Junction. The works performed on this section included the following: Elevating Road No. 4 and constructing railway bridges above Hilazon and Naaman, creating a 750 m deviation of Hilazon stream. The project included landscaping, rehabilitation of lighting and communications infrastructure and diverting of local and national infrastructure.
Laying infrastructure for a double track section between Yassif Junction and eastwards of the Bar-Lev industrial area (hereafter, Bar-Lev). This project included the construction of a railway bridge over route 70 enabling direct access to Bar-Lev, and also included a 2.6 km diversion of Road No. 85 between Ahihud and Bar-Lev, including the construction of retaining walls at Bar-Lev and also the construction of an eastward-bound additional lane, whose primary goal is alleviating congestion at Ahihud junction. At the Ahihud Train Station infrastructure was laid for passenger ramps and passenger tunnels. Additional project elements included landscaping, relocation of electricity, communication and telephone infrastructures.
Construction of a pair of parallel tunnels (one for each rail track) 4.6 km in length, including 18 secondary tunnels which are to serve for emergency passages, including technical rooms. In the eastern portal a pumping station was built as a drainage solution to prevent rainwater from entering the tunnel.
Laying infrastructure for the 3.5 km double track along the eastern part of the railway line between the Eastern portal of Gilon tunnel and the gateways of Karmiel, including construction of retaining walls, landscaping and relocation of national infrastructures on a large scale.