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Ramat Hovav Evaporation ponds

Country: Israel

Client: Ministry of Environmental Protection

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2007-2009

Evaporation ponds for collecting industrial wastewater into sealed pools for five chemical plants (Adama (former Makhteshim plant), ICL Group, Teva, Kopolek and Chemagis) in close coordination with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. The pools cover 2,000 dunams and include approximately 3 million sqm of earthworks, 3 million sqm of sealing sheets plus an intermediate drainage net, drainage of rinses, approximately 50 km of dual HDPE piping, monitoring systems and more. The cost of the works is about 400 million NIS: about 250 million of them invested in the construction of the new pools and another 150 million spent on handling the existing pools.