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Road 60 – The Tunnels Road

Country: Israel

Client: Moriah

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2020

The Tunnels Road project (60) is the southern entrance gate of Jerusalem and is one of the largest and most significant transportation projects carried out in recent years in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.

The expansion of the tunnel road is 12 km long, from the Rosemaryn junction in the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem to the town of Elazar. The project includes adding two traffic lanes and building two new tunnels next to the existing tunnels, one 300 meters long and the other 900 meters long.

As part of the project, a changing public transportation route will be established – in the morning it will be open for travel from the direction of Gush Etzion to Jerusalem and in the afternoon, it will change in the opposite direction from Jerusalem to Gush Etzion. In addition, a new bridge will be built over Nahal Gilo at a height of 60 meters.