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TYDRIP Investment Plan

Country: Uganda

Client: World Bank; Ministry of Works, Housing and Communications

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2002-2004

This project entailed data collection of different kinds on 33,000 kms and selecting a representative, non-random sample of 4,500 kms from them. Analysis of existing databases and systems containing hundreds of parameters. Development of new Road Management System software based in part on World Bank models such as RED and DETOUR (submodels of HDM-4). Economic analysis of all the alternatives (between 2 and 6 for each road section), calibration of RED and HDM-4 to local economic condition. Estimating the economic potential of each road based on socio-economic criteria. Creation of Road Monitoring Procedures and subsequent updating of the relevant databases. Feasibility Study, Short, medium and long term planning of road expenditures, including cash flows; Engineering design and preparation of bidding documents for 746 km of District roads defining performance indicators. Writing a TOR for financial and technical audit of the civil works.  Implementation, design of a specific policy and legal, regulatory and institutional framework.   Presentation of all of the above in a 3 day conference in Kampala attended by many Ugandan personnel.