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PPP / OPRC on 3 National Roads in Liberia

Country: Liberia


Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2008-2011

This project was one of the first PPP (Public Private Partnership) and OPRC (Output and Performance Based Road Contracts) on 3 major roads in Liberia. Instead of being input-based, in which the contractor is paid sums based on his used materials, the project is output based, in which the government pays the contractor for adhering to specific performance-based criteria, such as ride quality, drainage, etc. all of which were incorporated in detailed tenders, bidding documents and contracts. The project included both engineering and economic analysis of the roads, Bakay-Buchanan Port, Red Light-Guinea Border, which included paved and unpaved sections. Creation of bidding documents, assisting in bid evaluation, and training of GOL (Government of Liberia) staff.