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Railway Akko-Carmiel superstructure

Country: Israel

Client: Netivey Israel

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2016-2019

The Akko-Carmiel line enlarges the existing coast rails to the East and connects the existing rail in Akko area with the city of Carmiel. The line designed to be used for mixed traffic of passengers and freight trains

The scope of the project included a construction of a new double track railway with a preparation for electrification, and a total extension of approx. 22km.


The project included the laying of 60E1 profile rails grades R260 and R350HT on slab track in Gilon Tunnels (4630m) and the rest was constructed on ballast bed, turnouts assembly, flash butt and Alumina-thermite welding, tamping and stress release. The project also included the installation of telecommunication systems (fixed and mobile), signaling, system and tunnel system integration (distributed control for security installations) including fire and smoke detection, ventilation, CCTV, IR Telephone, lighting, public address system, energy supply, water pumping system, emergency communication etc.