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Road No. 60 – Eskal – Nazareth section

Country: Israel

Client: Israel Lanes Company (formerly Public Works Department)

Service: Engineering consulting and management

Year: 2007-2008

This project included quality assurance on a 5-km stretch of road, between Icsal Junction on Road No. 60 to Musachim Junction on Road No. 75 in Northern Israel. The focus of the QA was on environmental works such as noise reduction by usage of stone-covered retaining walls, landscaping to preserve the environment. The QA also dealt with road construction including complex activities, such as a dual bridge construction and tunnel construction of 410 m and 350 m, respectively. Moreover, the project included the traditional elements of large-scale earthworks and construction, an advanced traffic control system, the environmental elements mentioned previously, gardening activities, junction planning, and electricity works.