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System Verification and Establishing Baseline National Road Database

Country: Ethiopia

Client: World Bank

Service: IT, Asset Management, Data collection and Innovation

Year: 2015

The main activity is baseline data capturing and storage, which is expected to serve as a firm foundation for updating the data on roads and hence effectively monitor and evaluate progress of same.

The project is divided in two lots, i.e. ,Lot 1 and Lot 2. TNM is concerned with the second Lot, which consists of Oromiya, Harari, and Somali Regions plus Dire-Dawa, and Addis Ababa city administrations.

The types of roads covered under this service are all weather roads(Asphat, Gravel, Cobbeled stone) including URRAP (Universal Rural Road Access Program) roads, plus accessible earth (or commonly known as “community”) roads, While collecting pavement data minor drainage structures and bridge condition are also collected where damages are found location linked photo are taken.

We have 11 field teams containing 22 civil engineers (2 for each team) in a pre-equipped 4 wheel drive vehicles with handheld GPS, android gps and 3g supported tablet with TNM data collection application, Odometer with a magnet sensor (installed on the car’s drive shaft) .

The equipment helps the teams to collet data much faster and more accurately and send that data on real time for office inspection, process and upload to the web application.

The web application is developed by TNM for ERA (Ethiopian Road Authorities), the app is developed in collaboration with ERA’s IT team and is designed to serve as an interactive map that will display all surveyed data collected in the current project .

The system is updatable to any future changes in the road network.